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Bigg Boss Kannada Vote | 2021 VOOT APP | BBK 8 Online Voting

Bigg Boss Kannada Vote : Season 8 is back with fresh new top 16 Contestants. Bigg Boss Kannada Vote is the fresh reality show on Colors Kannada in India. Legendary actor Sudeep hosted all seasons. Now its back with season 8 vote, online voting, missed call numbers and voting today

Bigg Boss Kannada Vote  for Shubha Contestant Shubha Selected


Bigg Boss Kannada Vote  for Shankar Contestant Shankar Selected


Bigg Boss Kannada Vote  for Shamanth Contestant Shamanth Selected


Bigg Boss Kannada Vote  for Prashanth Contestant Prashanth Selected


Bigg Boss Kannada Vote  for Nidhi Contestant Nidhi Selected


Bigg Boss Kannada Vote  for Aravind Contestant Aravind Selected


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Your Bigg Boss Kannada Vote will be stored until the Colors tv elimination ends and cannot be deleted.

Bigg Boss Kannada Vote : The seventh season of the Kannada TV series Bigg Boss Kannada voot, premiered on 28 February 2021. Sudeep has returned for the seventh time as host of the show. Bigg Boss Kannada Vote is one of the popular shows that has recently been adapted to the southern states and Bigg Boss Kannada was the first.

Bigg boss kannada vote promo
Bigg boss kannada vote promo

The Bigg Boss Kannada Vote from season 1 and 6 was a big hit and memorable as the stunning and popular actor sudeep was their host. He decided to host season 8 despite being busy with his newly-known potential films as it binds him to the viewer.

Bigg Boss Kannada season 8

The seventh season of Bigg Boss Kannada voot aka BBK7 began on Sunday (Feb 28, 2021) with host Kiccha Sudeep. He announced the 17 contestants of the series in the first episode of the season, and the list of contestants for Bigg Boss Kannada Voting 7 includes TV, movie and political celebrities as well. The show will be aired on Colors Kannada daily at 9 p.m. for the next 100 days.

None of the specifics of the contestants were revealed until the show’s grand opening. For this season, the Bigg Boss house built in the Innovative Film City in Bidadi, Bengaluru, was rebuilt.

As Kicha hosted previous seasons, Sudeep remained as the host. He signed an approximately 18 crore contract with the Colors Kannada channel to host the next two seasons from the previous season of bigg boss kannada vote.

Bigg Boss Vote Timings:

Show : Bigg Boss Kannada Vote
Season : 8
Language : Kannada
Channel : Colors Kannada and Colors Kannada HD
Timings : 9 Pm – 10 Pm – EveryDay

Bigg Boss Season 8 Contestants list

Today it’s the same for season 8, where ordinary people are the contestants

Vote for Bhoomi ShettyActress
Vote for Chaitra KotturAuthor, Actress
Vote for Chaitra VasudevanEmcee, VJ
Vote for Chandan AcharActor
Vote for Chandana AnanthakrishnaCine Actress
Vote for Deepika DasMovie Actress
Vote for Duniya RashmiFlim Actress
Vote for Gurulinga SwamyAscetic
Vote for Harish RajMovie Actor
Vote for Jai JagadishFlim Actor, Producer, Director
Vote for Kishan BelagaliMovie Dancer
Vote for Kuri PrathapCine Actor
Vote for PriyankaMovie Actress
Vote for Raju TalikoteFlim Actor
Vote for Ravi BelagereKannada Journalist, Kannada Writer
Vote for Shine ShettyFlim Actor, Performer
Vote for Sujatha SatyanarayanRadio Jockey, Actress
Vote for Vasuki VaibhavFlim Musician

How to Vote Kannada Bigg Boss – Season 8

There are four official ways for voting for your Favorite contestant. All voting options will not be available most of the time. Once the show has begun, they come handy. Vooting is preferred as it is simple.

  • Vote via Voot’s website
  • Voting Through Voot Application
  • Vote Through SMS
  • Voting Through Missed call
  • Google vote online

How to vote on the website and app of Voot

Voot Bigg Boss Vote Process Kannada
Voot Bigg Boss Vote Process Kannada

How to vote on SMS

  • Copy your contestant SMS code from the nomination list.
  • Type the code that will be sent to 56882.
  • One Sms will be considered as one vote.

Bigg Boss Missed call voting – Kannada

  • Check out the week’s nomination list.
  • Choose your favorite house from the list.
  • Get your Contestant number from the table below and give the number a missed call.
  • One missed call will be taken as one vote to the contestant.

Steps to vote online by Google | BBK7 Vote

Ask Google “Kannada Big Boss Vote” or “Big Boss Kannada Vote“.
The Google will reveal candidates eligible for Online voting.
While signed in, sign in to your Google account and continue with Step 1
Choose the contestant to vote and save from eviction and click submit.
Note : Digital Voting will be processed for each nominated week until Friday.

Vote Now

Preview of Bigg Boss Kannada Vote 7 Show:

The description of Bigg Boss Kannada’s reality show is that a number of contestants will also be named companions they sent to a well-furnished house and will have to stay there for a number of days (100 days). This reality show also shows their involvement, their relationship, the battle between the contestants, their frustration, their love and many emotional things that are happening inside.

Bigg Boss Kannada Promo Video

One of the contestants was eliminated from the program viewers on each week of the Bigg Boss Kannada reality show through the nomination process and voting system inside housemates. For that week, the Bigg Boss Kannada Vote housemates who earns the least number of votes in the Bigg Boss Kannada Voting Online system will be eliminated.

How does the process of elimination occur?

Every week the method of dismissal will bigg boss result in the exclusion of the contestant receiving fewer votes than the only contestant receiving more votes.

Let’s take housemate 1, housemate 2, housemate 3, housemate 4 are in the elimination process of this week. Housemate 3 receives low votes and all other contestants receive more votes than is indicated by Housemate 3, then Housemate 3 is eliminated with low votes.

Kannada Season Winners and Runners List For Bigg Boss

  1. Bigg Boss Kannada Vote Season 1 Winner – Vijay Raghavendra
  2. Season 1 Runner of Bigg Boss Kannada Vote is – Arun Sagar
  3. Champion of Bigg Boss Kannada Vote and Season 2 is – Akul Balaji
  4. The other Boy of Bigg Boss Kannada Vote Season 2 Runner is – Srujan
  5. Bigg Boss Kannada Vote Season 3 Winner – Shruthi
  6. Season 3 Runner of Bigg Boss Kannada Vote is – Chandan Kumar
  7. Champion of Bigg Boss Kannada Vote and Season 4 is – Pratham
  8. The other Girl of Bigg Boss Kannada Vote Season 4 Runner is – Kirik Keerthi
  9. Bigg Boss Kannada Vote Season 5 Winner – Chandan Shetty
  10. Season 5 Runner of Bigg Boss Kannada Vote is – Diwaker
  11. Champion of Bigg Boss Kannada Vote and Season 6 is – Shashi Kumar
  12. The other Boy of Bigg Boss Kannada Vote Season 6 Runner is – Shashi Kumar

Bigg Boss Kannada Vote Season 8, BBK Online Vote Season 8 Voot, Google Voting website. Last year, Bigg Boss Kannada made history by opening its doors to the commoners, and this year, with Sudeep’s star holding again, season 8 promises to be Detonation! Unseen drama, uncut action and much more entertainment with Bigg Boss Kannada’s new season! BBK 8 Google vote.

Seasonal voting cycle: 5 March 2021 to 18 June 2021

The time beginning from Voting Start Time and date and ending on Votes End Time and location of each episode of the Program will also be considered as both the voting cycle for that particular episode (“Polling Cycle”).

The Voting Poll for the Shortlisted Participant for that week will start at 21.00 (IST) on Monday and end on Saturday at 23:59 (IST).

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