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Bigg Boss Kannada Vote Result

Get your favorite contestant Bigg Boss Vote Tamil Result is here. Voting ends every Friday 12 noon. You have 50 vote per day. To vote search Bigg boss vote tamil and result.

Bigg Boss Tamil Vote Result for Shubha
Bigg Boss Tamil Vote Result for Nidhi
Bigg Boss Tamil Vote Result for Shamanth
Bigg Boss Tamil Vote Result for Aravind
Bigg Boss Tamil Vote Result for Shankar
Bigg Boss Tamil Vote Result for Prashanth

The result and vote of Bigg Boss on Colors Kannada TV India is the fresh reality show. Sudeep hosted Bigg Boss Kannada vote season 1 to season 6. It has a range of bigg boss shows based on their language on each country.

Kannada vote Banner
Kannada vote Banner

Who in the big boss house is declared a winner

60 cameras track each contestant and each housemate has a separate mike. The room known as the area of Confession wherever the housemates talk to the big boss. You will also be able to reveal their personal views in the room of the Confession regarding shows and housemates.

Bigg Boss Vote Count Results

Most notably, each Monday housemate may appoint 2 people from the house to be excluded from this house. The housemate has to offer excellent explanations for the contestant being nominated for eviction. Housemates with the highest range of nominations will be listed by the Kannada result of Bigg Boss as part of the eviction list.

Bigg Boss Kannada Vote Result Details
Bigg Boss Kannada Vote Result Details

Bigg boss Eviction Season 1 to Season 6

Housemates are elected by their other housemates every week and are faced with a big boss voting system. Bigg boss Viewers cast their vote in favor of the contestants they want to save from being evicted. Every spectator has the right to cast 50 votes a day. For evict from the bigger boss kannada house, the contestant with the least number of Bigg Boss Kannada vote result is used.

Season 1 to Season 6 Bigg Boss House Result Rules

Bigg Boss Kannada contestants should not exploit any of the House’s electronic equipment or anything else. They can not leave the premises of the House at any time unless they are allowed to leave on the basis of Bigg Boss Kannada vote result.

  • We can’t talk to anyone about the nomination process.
  • In the morning, we can’t sleep.
  • With the other housemates, they can’t engage during violence.
  • The inmates are not allowed to speak in any language other than Kannada.

Sometimes for other reasons, bigger boss housemates can be nominated, such as nominating a person who has achieved special privileges, breaking rules, or something else. If something is very serious, it is possible to expel a contestant directly without a Bigg Boss Kannada vote result count.

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