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Bigg Boss Vote Kannada Season 7
Who is leading Bigg Boss 7 Kannada?

Chaitra Kottur is leading this week nominations. Each week five contestants were nominated for elimination from house.

Who is eliminated in Bigg Boss Tamil?

Till last week Raju Talikote , Prataap were eliminated from house based on bigg boss kannada vote result

How can I register to vote in Bigg Boss?

You dont need to register to poll vote in bigg boss kannada vote. You have multiple option to vote for your favorite contestants. Check out here to vote Bigg boss Kannada

Who will be evicted from Bigg Boss 7 Kannada this week?

Prataap will be eliminated from this week. He is trailing among other contestants.

How to see the result for the Bigg Boss Tamil 3 vote

Get your favorite contestant Bigg Boss Vote kannada Result is here. Voting ends every Friday 12 noon. You have 50 vote per day.

How to vote bigg boss Kannada outside India

You can vote anywhere from the world go to Bigg Boss Kannada Vote. Choose your Favorite contestants and poll vote

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